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Ice Dam Removal Rhode Island: What Does it Mean? - About the Service

An ice dam in Rhode Island is a formation of ice that occurs on your roof. It's a combination of the outside temperatures blending with the heat loss from the home and the existing snow cover. Eventually, the snow will start to melt. When it trickles down, it will reach an area that is 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, it freezes. It typically occurs on the edge of the roof. The ice dam removal service is then in critical status.

If your roof ice dam removal isn't done in a timely fashion, you could be looking at some serious costs and damages. In addition, it stops melting snow from dripping off the roof. That means an even more significant accumulation of ice, more weight on the roof system, and critical problems to follow.

Rhode Island Snow Removal Services has ice dam removal tools for Rhode Island buildings of all sizes and types. We do ice dam removal for both residential and commercial structures. The crew that works for us is always safe, so there's nothing for you to worry about.

Get us out to your place to check on your potential for dealing with ice dams this season. Your initial quote is FREE!

before ice dam removal services in Rhode Island
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Ice Dam Removal Saves Your Building

The cost of ice dam removal in Rhode Island is what most of our customers worry about. While it's something you may have never paid for in the past, it's something you need to invest in for your future. If you continue to let ice dams take over your roofing structure without removing them, you could be looking at a costly roof repair or roof replacement much sooner than you thought.

When you have our ice dam removal crew out regularly, you can:

  • Keep your roofing structure free from moisture issues
  • Prevent potential mold growth and mold remediation needs
  • Have peace of mind your roof is structurally sound
  • Enjoy greater overall comfort for years to come!

You don't want to deal with a leaky roof in the middle of the winter. And, you don't want to face the hefty bill that comes along with it. So, instead, keep all of these circumstances at bay with help from our dedicated team. Contact our office now!


What Happens When You Wait to Remove the Ice?

You've never concerned yourself with roof ice dam removal in Rhode Island before. Additionally, nobody has ever mentioned anything about it to you. There have never been any leaks or other issues. So how can you tell if this is something you require?

You may be one of the lucky ones who never have to face the issues accompanying ice dam accumulations. Newer homes or properties located in certain areas or shaped in specific ways aren't as susceptible. However, if you notice any of these issues, you need to call us right away:

  • Unusually large icicles form on the outside of your home
  • Visualizing leaks on the interior of the structure
  • Hot spots where you notice freezing and thawing repeatedly

Our honest contractors will give you the facts about your roof ice dam removal and other snow removal service needs. Set up an on-site assessment at a time that's convenient for you. Then, we will show up and let you know what your options are. Call now!

roof snow and ice dam removal services in Rhode Island
contractors removing ice in Rhode Island

Our Honest Snow Removal Crew is Ready to Go!

Rhode Island Snow Removal Services is the leading company for ice dam removal services in the state. How did we get here? Because of the way we treat our customers and how we over-deliver in results.

We offer so much that you won't find with other companies!

  • Licensing and liability insurance
  • 20+ years experience
  • Satisfaction GUARANTEE
  • 24/7 emergency snow removal services
  • Well-maintained tools, equipment, and vehicles

The methods we use for ice dam removal, and other snow removal services are proven efficient and cost-effective. So keep yourself warm and cozy inside, and let us help you out this winter. We can't wait to partner up with you!



See what our customers have to say:
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
"We contracted with Rhode Island Snow Removal Services last year and we couldn't be happier. Our driveways and sidewalks were always cleared out with their efficient snow removal services before the sun came up. I know will be using them from here on out!"
- Patrick James

Complete Snow Removal in Rhode Island at Fair Prices

Ice dam removal Rhode Island customers get is just one of our company's several snow removal services. We know that the Rhode Island snow service industry is essential, and we're continually dedicated to being the best. If it involves clearing away snow, ice, frost, or other forms of precipitation that cause you stress and anxiety in the winter, we're here to help!

You don't have to worry about accidents or unintentional damages as a fully licensed and insured company. While we do everything we can to complete your service without disruption, sometimes things happen. If we scuff a paver, knock over a mailbox, or break anything else, we will replace it instantly at no cost to you. As we said, it doesn't happen often, but if it does, we cover it.

Residential Snow Removal

Commercial Snow Removal

Emergency Snow Removal

Don't Get Stuck This Season - Call Rhode Island Snow Removal Services 24/7!

We have a safe, reliable, and highly-skilled team of snow removal contractors ready to go at all hours of the day and night. Don't hesitate to reach out when you need help getting out this winter. Call us at (401) 536-9367
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